Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2017

October 13(Fri) - November 5(Sun)

A twenty four day period during which you can "touch" designs.
"Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2017" marks our eleventh year holding this event, and this time the theme itself is "touch".
Design is generally something that's only looked at.
Nevertheless, you spend your life surrounded by design.
If something catches your eye, try just reaching out and touching it.
This is how new discoveries are made, and where further hints for how to live your life can be found.
You'll find plenty of "touching" experiences at Tokyo Midtown this fall!

【What is Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH?】
A design based event that has been held since 2007 under the concept of "enjoying design through all five senses." This veritable festival of design brings together designers active both in Japan and overseas, accompanied by some stunning examples of design, imparting in an intimate and dynamically physical way the appeal and possibilities of design.

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