Kan’ei Elegance Edo-Period Court Culture and Enshū, Ninsei, and Tan’yū

February 14(Wed) - April 8(Sun)

At the start of the seventeenth century, an era of warfare had ended. New currents in culture were emerging, trends now called “Kan’ei Culture.” In Kan’ei Culture,kirei, “beautiful,” was a word that meant stylish and refined design. Combined with a tendency to revive the classics, the result was elegance unprecedented in the Edo world. This exhibition begins with the court culture upon which Kan’ei Culture was centered and examines its fruition in the works of such artists as Kobori Enshū, Nonomura Ninsei, and Kanō Tan'yū.

Suntory Museum of Art (Galleria 3F)

* Sunday,Saturday closes at 20:00.
*Last admission:30 minutes before closing.

Tuesday (except April 3)

General 1,300yen
University and High school Students 1,000yen
Junior high school Students and under may enter for free



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