Cherry blossom Lighting-up

March 16(Fri) - April 15(Sun)

Tokyo Midtown and our neighboring Minato City Hinokicho Park boast of their approximately 150 blooming cherry blossom trees, in 8 varieties. Along the 200m "Sakura Avenue" that connects Gaienhigashi Avenue and the Grass Square, illuminations will be casted across the cherry blossom trees at evening. Pink lights are used before the buds open, and then white once they do. Enjoy a stroll through blooming blossom, right in the heart of Tokyo.

[Period] March 16 (Fri) - April 15 (Sun) 17:00 - 23:00
[Place] Midtown Garden, area alongside Sakura Avenue / in front of the Garden Terrace
[Charge] Free
[Held By] Tokyo Midtown

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