Five features of Tokyo Midtown MICE

Five features of Tokyo Midtown MICE

Complex that represents the essence of Tokyo

Tokyo Midtown is a mixed-use development containing offices, a hotel, cultural facilities, 130 commercial establishments, residences and ample green space. Highly sophisticated yet imbued with a warm hospitality, the area provides a congenial environment well suited for work, life and leisure. The stimulating atmosphere reflects the cosmopolitan sensibilities of its denizens — people who are on the leading edge of trends and values that influence current and future generations.

Tokyo Midtown

Prime location in the heart of Tokyo

Centrally located in Tokyo’s Roppongi district, Tokyo Midtown offers fast, easy access to surrounding business areas such as Marunouchi and Shinjuku as well as the city’s major tourist attractions. You’ll find it the perfect base from which you can further explore this thoroughly exciting metropolis.


Superior facilities and services

Facilities available for MICE include Tokyo Midtown Hall and Conference Room, The Ritz-Carton, Tokyo and Billboard Live TOKYO. These quality venues — each with its own size and character — provide optimal locations for any event. Services for MICE are provided by friendly, experienced staff with a thorough understanding of what it takes to stage a successful event.

Conference Room

Events, publicity and accommodations

Tokyo Midtown has four indoor and outdoor venues. You can also avail yourself of on-premise advertising facilities while staying at the renowned, five-star Ritz-Carton, Tokyo. And by combining different MICE services, you can leverage the resulting synergy to maximum effect.


One location for all activities

The combination of venues, services, advertising facilities and accommodations in one location makes Tokyo Midtown ideal for various types of MICE. Related seminars can be held in close proximity to main proceedings, accommodations are within easy walking distance, and spaces for conferences as well as parties are amply provided. The synergy created by this integration is what makes Tokyo Midtown ideal for MICE, with each event characterized by an atmosphere of sophisticated functionality.

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