UBIQUITOUS ART TOUR®*The tour route is subject to change depending on weather and other conditions.

Ubiquitous CommunicatorsThe “Ubiquitous Communicators” guide guests the way to respective art works and, in front of each work, provide information on the art and the artists, supplemented by images introducing creative process. Please enjoy an innovative art tour using the terminal mounted with all kinds of cutting-edge functions.

Announcement: Free Rental of Ubiquitous
We started free rental of Ubiquitous for all visitor from April 1, to feel familiar to it.
Please Check the details as follow, including the change of operating hour.

*Tokyo Midtown Tour was terminated on March 15, 2011.
We would like to pause briefly to thank you for your past patronage.

Explore the artworks using the Ubiquitous Communicator

*5 languages are available (Japanese/English/French/Chinese/Korean).

In front of artworks, the Ubiquitous Communicator will provide guests with interviews of the artists and images introducing the process of creating the artworks.

  • Artwork OutlineArtwork Outline
  • Artwork DetailsArtwork Details
  • Artist Introduction Artist Introduction
  • Interviews with artistsInterviews with artists

Tokyo Midtown Tour Route

1.120-minute Full Course (120 min.)

All-inclusive plan where you can enjoy all 24 art and architectural works within Tokyo Midtown.

2.30-minute Highlight Course (40 min.)

Summarized course where you can enjoy representative art and architectural works within Tokyo Midtown.

3.Art Special Course (80 min.)

A course focusing on exploring 16 artworks in Tokyo Midtown.

4.Architecture Design Course (50 min.)

A course focusing on exploring 7 architectural works in Tokyo Midtown.

5.Garden Course (50 min.)

A course where you can enjoy art and architectural works in the Midtown Garden.

6.Large Sculptures Course (60 min.)

A course focusing on large sculptures in Tokyo Midtown.

7.Rainy Day Course* (80 min.)

*A course where you can enjoy art and architectural works from inside the buildings without getting wet by rain.

Fees Free

*Please show your ID card(s) (driver’s license, passport, health insurance card or student identification card) when renting a terminal (“Ubiquitous Communicator”). A guest without ID card(s) may not be able to rent a terminal.

Recommended age Junior high school students or older*

*Elementary school students or youngers should be accompanied by their parent(s).

Check-in Counter Plaza Information on B1F of PLAZA
Rental hours Up to 2 hours*

*Batteries will exhaust after approx. two hours, the longest assumable tour hours.

Operating hours 12:00-15:00*

*Guests can rent a terminal until 15:00 and should return it to the Plaza Information Counter by 17:00.

Contact Tokyo Midtown Call Center
Operating hours: 10:00-21:00

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