Architect & Designer


Kengo Kuma

Gardenside (Art Museum Wing / Commercial Wing) Design

With the Suntory Museum of Art, our aim was space instilled with innate human warmth. For the outside walls, we built a facade to generate soft white light much like radiance flowing through shoji paper doors. With the Gardenside (commercial wing) facing out onto the park, the theme was seamless fusion with nature. Toward that end, we succeeded in engineering an image in which the natural curves fuse into the camber from the building. (Kengo Kuma)


Born in Yokohama City. Completed graduate studies at the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering (Department of Architecture) in 1979. After going on to study at Columbia University (New York) as a visiting research fellow, founded Kengo Kuma and Associates urban design office. Major creations include “Water/Glass” (winner of the Benedictus Award of the American Institute of Architects), “Noh Stage in the Forest/Tomemachi Traditional Arts Folklore Hall, Miyagi Prefecture” (winner of the Architectural Institute of Japan AIJ Prize), etc.

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