Architect & Designer


Takenosuke Sakakura

Gardenside (Residential Wing) / Underground passageway interior design, gate design

Our goal was to realize a residential environment that, while sandwiched between commercial zones facing out onto the park and town, would preserve privacy, be composed and dignified in appearance and bask in verdant green surroundings. With the details of the Gardenside underground passageway gate and other components as well, we devoted close attention to creating a penetrating line of vision in a structure fully in harmony with the landscape. (Takenosuke Sakakura)


Born in 1946. Graduated from the Nihon University College of Science and Technology (Department of Architecture) in 1970, then joined Sakakura Associates (founded by Junzo Sakakura). Appointed President and CEO in 2002. Major creations include Kanagawa Prefecture Museum of Modern Art (honored with Kanagawa Prefecture Prize for Architecture), Salesio School Don Bosco Memorial Church (recipient of Japan Art Academy Prize and other honors) and other renowned projects.

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