Architect & Designer


Frank Nicholson

The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo / Park Residences Interior Design

As the primary guideline, we upheld the full style and the refinement of The Ritz-Carlton in both the hotel and the residences. Then with the hotel, we set our sights on fusion with a richly progressive and exciting building. With the residences, we were intent on forging an ideal balance with modern architecture. The ultimate goal, throughout the project, was to conceive space steeped in an atmosphere of deep and all-encompassing warmth. (Frank Nicholson)


Born in Boston. Currently president of Frank Nicholson, Inc., an interior design company specializing in the development of upscale hotels. Inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 1987. The name “Frank Nicholson, Inc.” is a perennial presence on the annual list of top-caliber world hotels.

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