How to make the most of 10 hectares of land, remaining at the heart of Tokyo?
Adopting an urban approach, defined as “Tokyo Midtown,” our goal was to contribute to the community, contribute to Japan, and in turn, contribute to the world.
Bringing together people with new vision, willing and able to produce new value.
Pooling an impressive array of talents, senses and cultures from around the world, to engage in mutual stimulation and inspiration, in generating “something new.”
We created a vast green space, flush with the power to excel as a truly progressive “venue.”
For a new century of harmony, resonance and collective creation.
A district, steeped in our ideals.
A quarter, supporting human growth and expanding hand in hand with people’s aspirations.
A town, constantly generating new energy and motion, drawing from the synergy around it.
Conveying our ideal image of a new city, from this neighborhood, to the world.


The concept of “collaboration between urban functions,” furnishing encounters with new value

Working. Dwelling. Playing. Relaxing. This quarter is a composite city, gathering together all of these functions. Offices, a hotel, park, art museum and other amenities are naturally anointed with high function, mutually interacting, inspiring and connecting, bringing something new into being. The synergy generated from such functional diversity emerges as the true face of this town.
An urban structure one step ahead of the pack, in the quest to create new value.


Town of hospitality, conveying the traditional spirit of Japan

The spirit of service and hospitality, of opening the arms to visitors. This is an exquisite tradition on which Japan continues to thrive to this day. Furnishing kindness and care to all who live, work and relax here, as well as to those who visit. A special brand of consideration, alive and well throughout the Tokyo Midtown domain.

Consideration to ensure peace of mind

Surveillance cameras are mounted throughout the complex. Super outdoor security lights, doubling as emergency alert equipment in emergencies, guard the grounds around the clock. Staff posts are constantly monitored as well, ensuring swift responses when time truly matters. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms, elimination of steps and other barrier-free considerations in full force as well. An environment planned to ensure genuine peace of mind.

Comfortable communication supports

A lavish IT environment designed for productive use on or off work. Wireless LAN access points are located in the greenery space and basement levels as well, banishing all barriers for information communications. A solid infrastructure is complemented with halls, conference rooms and other venues of interaction, excellent for meetings, parties and other gatherings.

Precious hospitality for precious guests

Service staffers are stationed throughout the grounds to welcome and look after guests. Some 4,000 persons in all, spanning stores, security, cleaning and other needs, all thoroughly trained in the stellar hospitality that makes Tokyo Midtown so unique.



Cultivating a positive environment. This is extremely essential to people, and to the town.
Greenery is a major charm of this town. Immense natural surroundings, inheriting greenery from days of old, generates a dimension unlike so many ordinary midtown zones.
Greenery sows the seeds of life upon the soil, instilling this midtown with invigorating breezes and a sense of liberation.
Greenery generates healing and energy, instilling the wisdom of creation in the human heart.
Born in greenery, living in greenery. Cultivating sensitivity, fostering wisdom.
This is the community caliber that Tokyo Midtown seeks to sustain.


To arouse interest in design and art, and to foster intellectual creativity

The design and art of Japan, with their unique and delicate techniques and fastidious mentality of craftsmanship, have always acted as wellsprings of inspiration for creators around the world. By providing an elegant space, refined to the finest detail, and through a wide range of different events, We inspire people's interest in design and art to develop intellectual ingenuity.

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