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Tokyo Midtown is a new urban development, launched in 2000 with the relocation of the Defense Agency head office from Hinokicho (address: Akasaka 9-Chome) to the Ichigaya district. This concept called for a premier, large-scale redevelopment project on a site remaining at the heart of Tokyo containing a spacious greenbelt, including Hinokicho Park. At this high-potential location, the goal was to create a composite urban district with a combination of offices, residences, commercial facilities and other amenities. Working from this base, the project was awarded to the successful bid by a six-company consortium comprised of Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, Yasuda Life Insurance (currently Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co.), Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Co., Sekisui House, Ltd. and Daido Mutual Life Insurance Co. (currently Daido Life Insurance Co.). This project, one phase of the “urban revitalization” of Tokyo as a genuine cosmopolitan city, was christened “Tokyo Midtown” in 2005. The name was derived from the Midtown district of New York, now cherished as a venue of recreation and relaxation awash in creativity and communication. Rooted in the theme of “Design,” a sector forecast to emerge as the source of forceful international competitiveness over the years to come, in March 2007, Tokyo Midtown will fete its grand opening, emerging as a strategic stronghold to convey the new value and sensitivities of Japan to the world.

・April 2001 --- Official announcement of
  “Akasaka 9-Chome District Redevelopment Plan”
・September 2002 --- General competitive bidding
・February 2002 --- Transfer of landownership
・September 2003 --- Execution drawing completed,
  development permit awarded
・February 2004 --- Building confirmation obtained
・May 2005 --- Private city restoration project approved, construction begins
・January 2007 --- Work completion
・March 2007 --- Grand opening


During the Edo Period (1603 ~ 1868) this site was the villa residence for the feudal lord of the Mori Family, a member of the Hagi Clan. In the Meiji Period (1868~1912) the area became an army post, while following World War II it served as a location for U.S. military officer housing. After the occupation the site was used as the Hinokicho government building for Japan’s Defense Agency. To this day the spot retains many relics testifying to a long and illustrious history. For example, the rockwork drainage ditch of the remains of the Mori Family’s villa is currently used as a retaining wall. The 140 or so trees planted on the old Defense Agency grounds, meanwhile, have been effectively transformed into the greenbelt area of Tokyo Midtown.

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