Roppongi 1-mile – a concentrated intersection of global culture and art. Within the radius of merely one mile (1.6 kilometers), there are over 40 foreign embassies, nine international schools, an endless list of designers and creators and other businesspersons engaged in the creation of “Today.” Roppongi, quarter of high fashion and sensitivity. Tokyo Midtown, springing up at a genuine “global crossroads.”


Even on rainy days, the underground passageway gets you to the midtown site safe and dry. Smooth entry, clearly separating pedestrian and car flows, keeps security first in mind. Access to this realm is always quick and comfortable.

Roppongi Art TriangleRoppongi Art Triangle
  • Aoyama 1-Chome TowerAoyama 1-Chome Tower
  • National Art Center, TokyoNational Art Center, Tokyo
  • akasaka Sacasakasaka Sacas
  • Roppongi HillsRoppongi Hills

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