ASHIMIZU presented by Iyemon

July 12(Fri) - August 25(Sun)

An expression of summer freshness: dip your feet into a cool stream

ASHIMIZU, which lets you enjoy the refreshing feeling of dipping your feet into streaming water, boasts a new kind of seat that brings to mind japanese riverbed. At night there is also a wonderful illumination.

Feel like you are sitting on a river surface

This is the 10th year of this feature, and this year it includes seats that produce the effect of a water surface resembling japanese riverbed in Kyoto. Above your head is a shade that lets the breeze through but keeps the sun off. Enjoy this refreshing new experience with family or a special other, on your own, or in whichever way you please.

Dates: July 12 (Fri) - August 25 (Sun) , 2019
*Closed in bad weather
*Closed on Tuesdays
Time: 14:00 - 20:00
Venue: Midtown Garden
Seats: 70 (first come first served)
Admission: Free *Towels on sale (100 yen each)
Organizer: Tokyo Midtown
Sponsor: SUNTORY Holdings Limited

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