Mino Tea Wares: Kiseto, Setoguro, Shino, and Oribe

September 4(Wed) - November 10(Sun)

In the Momoyama period (late 16th century to early 17th century), the tea ceremony inspired the creation of new types of Japanese ceramics. At Mino, a ceramics center in what is now Gifu prefecture, new tea wares—Kiseto, Setoguro, Shino, and Oribe—blossomed. These ceramics, with their strong shapes, colors, and designs, earned extravagant praise. In this exhibition, we explore the secrets of their serene, yet highly individual appeal while comparing them with other arts and crafts from the same period. Through famous examples, we also introduce the renewed appreciation of Mino tea bowls and their resurgent popularity in the twentieth century, in the Taisho and Showa periods.
※There will be an exhibition change during the course of exhibition.

Suntory Museum of Art (Galleria 3F)

*Friday,Saturday and September 15 and September 22 and October 13 and November 3 open until 20:00
*Last admission:30 minutes before closing.

Tuesday (However, November 5 is open until 18:00)

General 1,300yen
University and High school Students 1,000yen
Junior high school Students and under may enter for free


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