Tokyo Midtown Hall and Conference


Tokyo Midtown Hall

The two multi-track halls, large and small, can be freely separated or combined. With banquet room-like upmarket design, the halls are also equipped with latest systems facilitating the effective use of sound, light, images, network circuits and other necessities. In addition to business availability for shareholder meetings, lectures and exhibitions, the halls also satisfy uses such as events and fashion shows, and can be used to convey information to the whole world.


The hall can be separated into a maximum of five rooms each accommodating nearly 200 seats for school use.

One-floor integration

Halls and all entrances are located on the same floor.

Excellence in technical infrastructure

Suitable for events with frequent use of images, sounds, lights and communication systems.

Floor Map, Tokyo Midtown Hall
Venue Area (m²) Height (m) Capacity
School form Theater form Buffet form
Hall A All rooms 770 7 576 816 600
2/3 515 7 408 559 400
1/2 380 7 288 384 300
1/3 250 7 216 260 200
Hall B All rooms 540 7 408 559 420
1/2 265 7 216 280 210

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