Tokyo Midtown Clinic overview

Tokyo Midtown Clinic


Tokyo Midtown Clinic is realized as the first Japan-based collaboration with “Johns Hopkins Medicine,” the true pinnacle of the health care industry in the United States. Supplied here is genuine “tailor-made medicine” – services customized to meet the precise needs of each patient. The staff also includes professionals capable of supplying services in English, ensuring peace of mind for foreign patients as well. The ultimate goal is a model home clinic, to which all district residents will feel comfortable about consigning the fine details of their medical care and health management.

Tokyo Midtown Clinic


General care

Specialized diagnosis and treatment

Advanced medical care
techniques and cutting edge equipment are mobilized for services spanning general outpatient care to internal, cardiovascular and other specialized wards, ensuring each patient the optimum treatment and advice. Fluent English communication and care is provided at the Inter-national Care Department and other wards at the Center.

Specialized departments, medical examinations

Outpatient treatment and aesthetics clinic

Tokyo Midtown Clinic furnishes the latest advances in outpatient treatment, with a key focus on laser techniques. In the “Advanced Medical Aesthetics” clinic, anti-aging and other beauty treatments are provided with a solid founding in medical science, in a commitment to outstanding results.


Physicians with extensive clinical experience in the U.S. treat patients with hospitality, providing complete relaxation in body and mind.

Health care shop

Customer receive free counseling by our nutritionist such as nutritional guidance, dietary guidance and prevention of lifestyle diseases to care for stress as well as beauty. Nutritionists select just the right supplements and cosmetics for each individual based on medical diagnoses and the simple test results.



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