Three Zones Comprise Tokyo Midtown
GENERAL VIEW garden galleria plaza


  • Galleria view 1
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Galleria Overview

Galleria, a four-story open foyer arcade, is the main shopping area for Tokyo Midtown. Inside Galleria is Garden Terrace, where you can enjoy a meal with a superb view of the parkland.

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Plaza Overview

Flanked by delightful cafes and other unique shops, Plaza is a spot for stylish rest and relaxation, with water and greenery Canopy Square serving to enrich the natural surroundings. Tokyo FM’s satellite radio station adds spice to the venue.

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  • Garden view 1
  • Garden view 2
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Garden Overview

Tokyo Midtown boasts an abundance of greenery. In Midtown Garden, which embraces the lawn and trees ranging from ginkgo and cherry to camphor trees, you can appreciate the different faces of nature in Japan, accentuated by the change of the seasons.

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