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03-5413-6531 7:00~23:00

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Completely non-smoking Takeout menu Vegetarian menu Kids menu
Open from early morning Open until late at night Anniversary service Midtown Garden view
Open-air terrace seats Private dining room Private party

Along with your regular fix of delicious coffee, the new Starbucks Evenings now allow you to also enjoy wine or beer. Your barista will produce a special drink just for you in the Reserve Bar.

In the Reserve Bar you will be welcomed by black apron baristas rigorously selected from across Japan. The bar features a limited edition selection of products serving espresso Reserve Brand coffee, along with a wide selection of wine and beer on tap. This special outlet even features a space for coffee seminars, allowing you to lose yourself completely in an overwhelming coffee experience. There is counter, terrace and sofa seating - choose the one what matches your mood.

【First Floor】
Enjoy the quick and delicious coffee you've always come to Starbucks for, centered in espresso drinks, or maybe take a dip (sip?) into the seasonal lineup of the surprising and delightful Frappuccino®. Take the weight off your feet for a moment and enjoy a welcome break.

【Second Floor】
This is the place to enjoy the true elegance that the urban everyday has to offer, through an all-consuming coffee experience in the Reserve Bar. It also features an Evenings menu that includes beer on tap and wine. Enjoy a slice of time exactly as you like it.

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