EQ House EQ House

“Dappi” from conventional house
EQ House

Date and time
10:00 to 20:00 on Thursday, February 20~ Monday, February 24
Mercedes me Tokyo(Roppongi)7-3-10 Roppongi Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, JAPANGoogleMAP

As IoT, which connects things with the Internet, is transforming into IoE, which connects everything with the Internet and makes it shared by devices when necessary, architecture is required to become a contact point for it. Automobiles have been previously parked outdoors or inside a garage so far, but as electrification continues to progress through CASE suggested by Daimler, vehicles will be parked inside a house and seamlessly connected. Namely, a new architectural concept will become necessary, under the assumption that electrified and automated vehicles will be accepted. Through IoT, buildings will be “connected” with various things, “look after” the people living there and other elements, functions, and devices, share information while communicating with each of them or “convey” information, “learn” their preferences, and “grow” together with people, as if they had life. EQ House is a form of future house that has molted or broken away from the conventional concept of housing.

EQ House
EQ House

Inside EQ House, living and vehicle spaces intersect with each other. On the glass interface set at the center, information, such as indoor temperature and brightness, is displayed, to connect people and the house. As many as 1,200 panels are used for exteriors. Thanks to the design based on the results of simulation of yearlong sunshine patterns, you can receive cozy sunlight and wind streaming through them all year round.


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Under the corporate vision “To develop the most loved brand,” it has a diverse lineup of vehicles including compact cars and SUVs to accommodate each customer’s lifestyle, and aims to actualize “an automobile society free from accidents” by installing the latest system for supporting safe driving, as a responsibility of the company that invented automobiles.