School of the Future Festival


Dappi Performance

“Dappi” Performance will amaze you by boundless possibilities of collaboration between human and the latest technologies. Enjoy Human x Technology ensemble, as well as carnival parade enhanced by virtual reality technologies.

DAPPI MUSIC PERFORMANCEPiano Sonata / Maki Namekawa , Cori O'lan , Credit : tom mesic

“Dappi” for new music

DAPPI MUSIC PERFORMANCEPiano Sonata / Maki Namekawa , Cori O'lan , Credit : tom mesic
Date and time
Thursday, February 20; 18:30 to 19:30 (open from 18:00)
Tokyo Midtown Hall A
Yamaha Corporation
Reservation required.
*The Japanese speeches will be interpreted simultaneously into English. Please keep in mind that the number of simultaneous interpretation receivers is limited.

How creative technologies can be? Creativity is no longer an exclusive capability of human being, but computers or AI starts expanding the possibility of arts. In the meantime, what are creative expressions in art and music that are unique to human nature? This music concert will entertain audience with intreguing human-technology ensemble, trying to explore a new possibility of artistic expression.

  • Part 1
    Piano Performance「Piano Sonata(Philip Glass)」
    Pianographique - Piano Music meets Digital Images
    • Maki Namekawa ( Piano )
    • Cori O'lan ( digital realtime visualization )
    • Ars Electronica
    Live piano performance by flesh-and-blood pianist, on stage with auto-generated computer graphic arts.
  • Part 2
    Dear Glenn, Yamaha A.I. Project with Akiko Nakayama
    • Glenn Gould as A.I.
    • Akiko Nakayama
    • Ars Electronica Futurelab
    AI embedded self-playing piano, which learns ideosyncrasies of deceased pianist, collaborating with "Alive Painting", a dynamic live performance of changing picture made by hands.
Maki Namekawa

Maki NamekawaConcert pianist
©Andreas H. Bitesnich

Based in Europe, she performs around the world, including NY, Vienna, London, and Paris. She is highly evaluated, as she collaborates with Philip Glass and performs the tunes of representative modern music composers.

Akiko Nakayama

Akiko Nakayamapainter
©Haruka Akagi

Akiko Nakayama Born in 1988, is a painter who depicts beauty of convey energy metamorphosis through several media such as installation, photos and performance. Combining the energy of movement and the vibrancy of colors, Akiko Nakayama brings pictures to life. Called “Alive Painting”, Akiko depicts the resonance between shapes and textures by using different types of liquids, each with a unique characteristic.


  • TOKYO MITDTOWN School Of the Future FESTIVAL Producer / Nami Fujitani
  • Ars Electronica Futurelab Co-Director / Hideaki Ogawa
  • Yamaha Corporation Marketing Strategy Department / Rintaro Kane

A video message from composer Philip Glass's "Piano Sonata" (piano performance: Maki Namekawa) when it was first performed in Japan

Yamaha Corporation『Dear Glenn』Making Movie


Dappi Exhibition

「Dear Glenn, Yamaha A.I. Project」

La parade engloutie

“Dappi” for new rituals
La parade engloutie

La parade engloutie
Date and time
Sunday, February 23; 15:00 to 15:30
Atrium (Galleria B1)
Participation fee
No reservation required.

Three bizarre mutants coming from seefloor will appear in Artium and march around Tokyo Midtown! Let's find out how technology can influence and change urban rituals.

See detail of “Digital Choc”
Guillaumit and Les Plasticiens Volants

Guillaumit and Les Plasticiens VolantsArtist
©Renaud Monfourny

Guillaumit is an artistic director based in France. His work combines geometric shapes, rigid colours and peculiar cartoon characters. The result is a playful yet meaningful universe. Being the artistic director of Bordeaux's Carnival, he developed an augmented reality app which allowed us to interact with 3D animations on costumes and posters, all part of his work. This work is in collaboration with Les Plasticiens Volants.

Dappi Workshop

「La parade engloutie・Workshop」

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Dappi Exhibition

「La parade engloutie」

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