School of the Future Festival


Dappi Exhibition

“Dappi” Exhibition presents the works and prototypes by artists/companies who stood up to get out of the box. Visitors can get multiple perspectives of oneself and the society, by experiencing their own transformation.

“Dappi” from your own shell Dappi Room

“Dappi” Room is designed to shed your old skin and rediscover yourself, by projecting temporal variation of your body, by seeing a reflection of yourself overlaid on others, or by exchanging your body part with another creature. You’ll find unimaginable perspectives of yourself, that release you from self-limiting beliefs, or open you up towards new possibilities.

  • “Dappi” from fragment of your historyLIMINAL

    Dappi from fragment of your history LIMINAL
    ©Louis-Philippe Rondeau

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  • “Dappi” from what you think you areAlter Ego(Version II)

    Dappi from what you think you are Alter Ego(Version II)

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  • “Dappi” from human costumeI Wear the Dog's Hair, and the Dog Wears My Hair

    Dappi from human costume I Wear the Dog's Hair, and the Dog Wears My Hair
    ©Satoshi Nagano

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“Dappi” for new social system Dappi Square

“Dappi” Square is a public commons for social discourse. How should our society prepare for increasing digital surveillance technologies? When definition of community changes, how do common rituals change (i.e. carnivals)? How do modern revolutionaries tackle social problems? At this square, you are invited to participate in an open discussion about better possible futures.

  • “Dappi” from intelligent surroundingsWhat a Ghost Dreams Of

    Dappi from intelligent surroundings What a Ghost Dreams Of?

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  • “Dappi” for future revolutionistsRevolutionary 20xx! Tool Kit

    Dappi for future revolutionists Revolutionary 20xx! Tool Kit

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  • “Dappi” for new ritualsLa parade engloutie

    Dappi for new rituals La parade engloutie

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”Dappi” for innovative technology, research,
and prototype
Dappi Laboratory

“Dappi” Laboratory showcases ongoing transformative projects based on advanced technology research and development. Project that changes passive consumers into activists. Groundbreaking challenges to bring artistic approach to policies and economies. Prototypes from companies that try to break through boundaries. You can explore a new sphere of technology.

  • “Dappi” from ready-made productsProject Alias

    Dappi from ready-made products Project Alias

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  • “Dappi” for new self-imagePOLA Voice makeup spheres

    Dappi for new self-image POLA Voice makeup spheres

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  • “Dappi” beyond “DELICIOUS!”WaiNari

    Dappi beyond DELICIOUS! WaiNari

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  • “Dappi” from fixed conceptMirrors

    Dappi from fixed concept Mirrors

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  • “Dappi” from pre-established harmonyPeople Thinking Lab

    Dappi from pre-established harmony People Thinking Lab

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  • “Dappi” from 2D interfaceSpatial Message

    Dappi from 2D interface Spatial Message

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  • “Dappi” from reactive-modeCan you speak English?

    Dappi from reactive-mode Can you speak English?

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  • Dappi / Out of the BoxInstall FUNGUAGE in PUBLIC

    既成概念からの脱皮 Install FUNGUAGE in PUBLIC

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  • “Dappi” from automatic to autonomous (AI) piano playerDear Glenn, Yamaha A.I. Project

    Dappi from automatic to autonomous (AI) piano player Dear Glenn, Yamaha A.I. Project

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