Can you speak English?
Can you speak English?

“Dappi” from reactive-mode
Can you speak English?

Date and time
11:00 to 21:00 on Thursday, February 20~ Monday, February 24
In front of “Theatre H.P.FRANCE” on the 2nd floor of Galleria

If someone talks to you in English on the street, can you start conversation smoothly? While the number of foreign visitors to Japan exceeds 30 million per year, it is said that 70% of Japanese people think they are not good at English conversation. In this exhibition, you can simulate joyful communication in English in today’s Tokyo and Los Angeles 10 years from now based on VR. This provides you with an opportunity to become a proactive global citizen beyond time and space.

Global Sky Education, Ltd.

This is a company for designing learning activities, in order to realize lifestyles and organizations for flexibly surviving the VUCA age with a global perspective. This nurtures ways of thinking from the viewpoints of logics, design, and art in a balanced manner. It is characterized by the experience of self learning by trial and error, and the facilities for VR and real immersive experience are used as teaching tools.

Dappi Talk

Citizens of the Future : Future of education

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